Our vision is to provide a digital and paperless boat charter booking and ordering process . A front end digital booking system which allow you to search and find the best boat for your needs. Your experience voucher will be minted as NFT to your wallet.


Boatcoin is an entire ecosystem for boat charter and marine leisure experiences. Our service will provide a turnkey booking experience based on NFT's. For the web3 hackathon we will release an MVP for the platform. The first release will provide the following components; *Booking - The front end booking system allow users to shop for their experience. Either by an hourly rental or even shopping for a full day pass. *Voucher - The voucher for the experience will be minted as NFT, the NFT will be used as proof of purchase for the experience. The NFT will be used for entry. *Payments - Payments processing system Why blockchain ? What's the added value ? 1. Automated rental contract, simplified access and immutable records 2. Ease of transaction and payments 3. Prepay for reservation reduce risk 4. Non-reversible transaction reduce risk 5. Future function : Ability to stake tokens in order to provide self insurance policy and reduce the overall experience price (by not buying insurance policy). Why NFT's ? What's the added value ? 1. NFT's as ticketing system provide the ability to "save" the ticket as a memory. The blockchain immutability provide a long last infrastructure which allow you to value the event and the experience for years to come. a. Future Function : Add a personal memory (picture/video) and link/add the personal memory to the NFT's (the experience voucher) 2. The NFT's provide as a proof of purchase and that you digital identity have successfully chartered a boat. Thus reducing your risk profile for the next rental. a. Future function; Include review of the customer in the NFT's provide rating to the customer's making their next rental easier.

Boatcoin showcase

How it's made

*The project is build on scaffold-eth framework. * provided us with a quick launchpad for the NFT storage on IPFS + FILECOIN based network. *Fleek for deployment and hosting *Backend is solidity smart contracts on Ethereum, allowing permission less agreements in digital fashion. *Front end is react *ENS is used as ease of use for sending transactions, allowing customer to send transaction to boatcoin.eth. *Proof of humanity is used to for identity pinning and customer identification, providing risk reduction to the asset owner. *POAP is used to show usage history, thus reducing risk of product mishandling. This in turn can reduce risk to the asset owner. **Risk reduction drive price reduction to our customers **

Technologies used