Nicolás Guasca

I would like to build a Torus integration in which people is able to access their wallets not only with OAuth and FaceID but also with their voice


This project combines the already existing world of digital wallets with the biggest pain point applications have nowadays in terms or security which is identity management. Although there is a secure way to proof someone's identity based on the cryptographic ways, there is a big chance passwords get stolen. For that reason I would like to start working on a model to use Torus approach to Dapps. That is using faceId to login for example.

Nicolás Guasca showcase

How it's made

This project integrates Torus' login interface in addition to a layer in which the user is able to submit and audio or a piece of video to proof their identity in real time. It is basically a react-app that works as a wallet retrieving the information of a user with a given login in template and is able to ask for a sample of audio/video during the process.