The Creative Platform

A creative blockchain platform for independent creators and brands to exchange services directly and earn incentives through the use of


This project combines lending pools, governance, and credit delegation to make up the core functionality of the Creative Platform. The Creative Platform is a platform for the creative of all types to collaborate, initialize fan crowdfunding, and submit content directly to brands of all industries. Brands: * Create a new campaign to add liquidity to a pool that creatives can submit content to by depositing Creative tokens (CRTV). * After the submission deadline, a governance vote is in put in place for choosing the winner. - Fans can vote for winners based on staking mechanisms. * Earned interest from the campaign pool goes to the winner of the brand's campaign. Creatives: * Can submit to brand campaigns via uploaded content. * Collaborate with other creatives. * Open individual liquidity pools (after unlocking the perk based on your "Star Power" metrics). - These liquidity pools can be used for touring, album budgets, music videos, etc. Fans: * Can stake into a creative's liquidity pool. * Can vote on creative decisions throughout the artists career. * Can vote on brand submissions * Purchase exclusive (creative x brand) collaboration NFTs.

The Creative Platform showcase

How it's made

The technologies I used were: Scaffold-Eth React.js Solidity Node.js Aave Although, I had minimal team support I was able to import the ABI's for the Lending Pool, Governance, and credit delegation. There's plenty of things I would have done given the time and resources like Chainlink verification for brands and creatives via Twitter handles. Integrated ENS and finished implementing The Graph.

Technologies used

EthereumSolidityThe GraphAave Credit DelegationAave Borrow/LendingENS Domains