Deer FlashLoan Protocol

A decentralized flash loan marketplace that enables flash loan for any token


Deer FlashLoan V1 is the world's first decentralized flash loan protocol. Like Uniswap, users can freely create any ERC20 token-based flash loan pool. Developers could borrow the assetS from the Deer FlashLoan V1 poolS by paying a small fee governed by DEER token holders. All liquidity providers who deposit tokens into the flash loan pool will share the fee income pro-rata.

Deer FlashLoan Protocol showcase

How it's made

We have a team with five core members. We use solidity, react, and subgraph in our project. Flashloan-info is forked and modified from Uniswap-info. The smart contracts are written in Solidity. SlowMist helps to audit our contracts. The Deer FlashLoan Interface is built by modifying the open-sourced Uniswap Interface. In short, we have built a product-ready protocol that has been launched on mainnet with complete components including smart contracts, front/back end, and product deployment.

Technologies used

EthereumIPFS/FilecoinSolidityThe Graph