CLI tool for ENS like whois, it supports print some recoreds, address, resolver info


Whois command for ENS, This is a simple command-line tool. So we can get record, owner address, resolver info using it. Example attribures - vnd.twitter / github - email - url - avatar - description and so on, almost same as https://app.ens.domains/ Print format is - plain test - Json format - QR format of Owner Address

Wise showcase

How it's made

This project uses Rust and some libraries. - web3 for accessing smart contract - clap for implementing cli - QR2Term for printing QR code - serde_json for printing Json - ENS-contracts abi file. And I have read some doc https://docs.ens.domains/ens-deployments. This app access to ENS-contracts, and get some informations. And use Infra for getting web3 provider.

Technologies used