Sunny Radadiya

Develop a uniswap v3 Swap, liquidity provision on Flashbots


Idea is to build a platform which provides a historical performance of the crypto pair like, ROI, asset change and impermennet loss If user wants to know that if he/she invested 10000$ in 1inch/uniswap/sushiswap before 3 or some months back, then what will be the ROI, IL and asset changes of underlying asset in that it will calculate historical info to user so user can analyze past performenace of particular crypto pair or particular defi platform. even we can give info about best pair and best platform to invest for now...from the past historical data also will provide some visulaization in graph and chart so, some user wants to invest but before invest they wants to know the platform and pair performance so they can check one usecase is also like: User comes to platform and check on platform and like, 4 months back if i invested 10000$ now what will be my portfolio? To extract data we used the graph protocol.

How it's made

I used The graph protocol and used sushiswap and uniswap subgraph to extract past historical data of every pair. And make formulas to measures the performance of the platform. User can also edit the date and amount to calculate different timespan. Used React-js for front-end. Used Chart-js for showing charts and data. And the graph subgraph.

Technologies used

EthereumSolidityThe Graph