Rishab Chakraborty

Using UMA's LSP Contracts to incentive following COVID-19 protocols in developing nations.


This project using UMA's Long Short Pairs (LSP's) to allow individuals to create wagers on the number of COVID cases in particular countries. It's a prototype using a mobile-first interface to hopefully allow people in different localities to participate in these financial incentives. This can hopefully create a better user experience for everyday people to create Long Short Pairs just like they execute a trade on Wealthsimple or Robinhood.

Rishab Chakraborty showcase

How it's made

This project uses UMA to develop a Long/Short Pair for COVID-19 cases. It uses John Hopkins data a COVID-19 price feed. Using UMA's infrastructure it allows using John Hopkin's price feed with a 30-minute delay. Each token would be associated with a different nation and region to incentive lowering COVID-19 cases in these regions.

Technologies used