Casual Game: Take Over, Hold, Score, Win. Grab the top prize every Sunday.


yfNFT is many things: - It is surely a game. Take Over a Person, Hold, Score, Win ! Grab the top prize every Sunday. - A DeFi game. For many all cryptocurrency is a money game, trading is a game, “What to buy?” “When to sell?”. DeFi Yield Farming is a game. “Take the risk?” “Move my funds?”. Punchline is the next evolutionary step. Could you make a living playing Punchline? - An NFT game. As every person you can takeover is a unique Non-Fungible Token. - A way to show your creativity. “What can I write in my punchline so that people won’t take over?”. - A social game as real conversations are taking place in the Punchlines. - A battle of the yfNFT creators in the fight for wider blockchain adoption. Maybe playing yfNFT will be someone’s first-ever crypto transaction.

YFNFT showcase

How it's made

passion, purpose, skills, hard work, blood, sweet and tears Blockchain: Matic, deployed to Matic Mumbai testnet Blockchain dev tools: truffle / web3 Front end dev tools: react / mobx / web3 / bootstrap 4 Backend (cron web3 bot used to trigger next round on Sunday): AWS serverless sevices (lambda) Webhosting: AWS Amplify

Technologies used